Putting ‘TREES’ into Wordle

A recent recruit to Wordle, I’ve begun a list of five letter trees to use as opening gambits for my daily fix. Talking to experienced Wordlers, I realise that the gold standard is a word with three different vowels so as to increase the likelihood of at least one of them being in the Wordle of the day. For example one friend starts her daily game with AUDIO. So far I’ve not thought of a five letter tree word sharing that characteristic. In any event, I enjoy the challenge of starting each game with a different word, in the hope that at least one or more letters will, in line two, be marked mustard or (on a good day) green, to point me towards the correct word. For what it’s worth here is my list so far:


As I write this I realise how trivial it seems when world events have taken such a serious turn. Let’s look forward to the day when peace comes to Ukraine and rather than fleeing for their lives or sheltering underground, people there can start their day with an innocent five letter word game. Tree names optional.

One thought on “Putting ‘TREES’ into Wordle

  1. It’s a great way to reset the mind and we all need that, especially now. I’ve been trying Quordle and Octordle too where you play more than one game at once. They are rather trickier as you can imagine and better on a laptop than a phone.

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